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Real opportunity

JOB TITLE: Copywriter
DEPARTMENT: Creative Team

We need a copywriter. A good one. No, a great one. Wait…that's not it either. Amazing…colossal…fabulous…magnif—okay, got it. We need a fabulous copywriter.


This person would have about 2–3 years of real-world copywriting experience, still filled with the starry-eyed enthusiasm and naivety of their youth, still devoid of the bitter disillusionment and droll cynicism of experience.

A prodigious (nice!) candidate could write a product brochure in the morning, concept a trade campaign after lunch, and both research and draft a whitepaper on the intricacies of six-point survey systems vs. five-point before heading out for the day.

They understand the difference between copy and content (but can write both), are just as comfortable creating compelling stories for print as they are for digital, can keep up with a multitude of pop-culture references, and agree that the em-dash is generally overused—I mean, come on!

What else…? Oh, you "get" SEO, know your way around a Mac, and pretty much can communicate effectively regardless of topic or medium.

Sound like you? Sounds like we should talk about you joining KC's most awarded B2B shop and one of the Business Journal's "Best Places to Work". Competitive salary, very generous health benefits, retirement funding, professional development fund, etc. Yep, pretty snazzy.

Want details? Check out the HR-friendly (yawn-inducing) official Job Description.

So, you know the drill: Just fill out the form, upload a resume, maybe some samples or a link to your portfolio, and then wait to hear from us with keenness—no, exuberance—enthusiasm? Yeah, enthusiasm. Sure. If serendipity strikes, we'll get right back to you.

Thanks for your interest!

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