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New brand discomfort
Product launch dysfunction (PLD)
Severe lack of PR buzz
Uncontrollable global communications
Inability to produce a line review
Chronic weakness of ROI


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(for the treatment of new brand discomfort)

Creating a new product category while launching a brand within that category — it’s a daunting task, but one that we helped Bay Tree Technologies do with PureWood Thermally Modified Wood decking. And we can help you, too.

Our treatment was two-fold:

  1. Educate an audience about the Thermally Modified Wood (TMW) product category
  2. Create PureWood product evangelists within the audience

An integrated marketing campaign was developed that included a website, trade print campaign, collateral materials, promotional campaigns, publicity roll-out campaign, trade show displays, a corporate identity package, and much more.

As a result of these marketing efforts, 100% of the surveyed deck professionals expressed interest in the product and requested more information. In addition, the publicity campaign generated a 300% return vs. spend and multiple industry awards.

(for the treatment of product launch dysfunction)

Some clients are embarrassed to discuss product launch dysfunction (PLD), believing that they can treat it themselves. Billy Goat Force was a new, walk-behind industrial blower that trumped competitors, but it needed to make an impact fast. Rather then at-home remedies for their launch, they contacted ER Marketing.

In a mature market, we created a covert product launch to blunt brand bias. Working with the client, ER Marketing developed a covert marketing campaign, utilizing a custom website, industry forums, targeted trade ads and even a custom created product that utilized a new color scheme.

ER Marketing drove interest in the product and created industry-wide buzz to dealers, distributors and the end-user, the lawn care professional. Names were collected to provide leads throughout the channel. Based on this wide-spread interest, Billy Goat outsold their production estimates for the year…in only one month.

(for the treatment of low buzz)

When ER Marketing treated the PureWood decking brand, it was to introduce the product to distributor, dealer and pro channels. As a result, PureWood experienced five different feature articles, 70+ other articles, five industry awards and one industry certification — delivery for the client to the tune of 300% ROI.

The challenge with PureWood was two-fold: it was a new product but also an entirely new category, Thermally Modified Wood decking. While commonplace in Europe for years, the technology was new to the U.S. So we developed a PR campaign that educated and informed the channel while a dedicated branding effort introduced and enticed potential customers.

The campaign achieved sustained coverage throughout the year and included blog postings, editorial product reviews, inclusion in decking industry review features and articles about the Thermally Modified Wood product category. Through our PR network and by consistently providing new, engaging content to the trade press, ER Marketing was able to deliver buzz beyond the client’s expectations.

(for the treatment of uncontrollable messaging)

As clients mature, sometimes they experience the awkwardness of uncontrollable messaging. ER Marketing worked with Bio-Microbics to develop a company brand that integrated all the product lines, more coherently communicating their brand message to the global marketplace.

To achieve this, ER Marketing developed a ‘community’ approach for Bio-Microbic’s brand. This community could visually educate all audiences how the products worked together. A new tagline, of ‘Better Water. Better World’ was developed to tie-together the overall company purpose.

New brand positioning was launched at the largest industry trade show and carried throughout their global marketing efforts. ER Marketing developed a new multi-language website, 3D product animations, collateral, trade show booth, sales presentation, and distributor sales kits.

(for the treatment of line review anxiety)

This client had an opportunity to add a category with an existing Big Box customer (Lowe’s) with its new Durabuilt brand of gutter protection, but timing was compressed — less than a month — and the product was still in development. Anxiety in such a case is understandable, so they looked to ER Marketing for relief.

We helped Ply Gem develop an integrated product display that could be used in-line across a limited region of shelf space. The display was designed to sell up the product continuum as well as showcase key features and benefits of the full product line. In addition, freestanding, custom displays that utilized product in-use — including a water cascade — was created, as well as a self-powered multimedia display, featuring a three-minute customer-activated informational video.

The client secured an initial test of both in-line and promotional display systems with Lowe’s...where the product is currently rolling out nationwide.

(for the treatment of weak ROI)

To gauge their overall health, most brands look to the bottom line — and for good reason. For Huttig Building Products, they wanted to find a way to maximize available supplier dollars. So they asked ER Marketing if ROI maximization was right for them. It was. In fact, a cohesive program was needed that provided value to suppliers, distribution centers, and customers while supporting a national brand with market-specific content.

To bolster Huttig’s communications, ER Marketing developed Customer Connections, an integrated, multiple-touch-point program including print, mail, online, local, national, educational and promotional elements. It was delivered across an annual marketing and editorial calendar to support the primary initiatives as well as specific product and program launches.

The client was able to provide supplier partners with a unique medium to reach an engaged and high-value audience. The program increased TOMA (top-of-mind awareness) of the Huttig Building Products brand and associated programs as well as developed and deepened alliances with national supplier partners. The prognosis is outstanding, with Customer Connections is enjoying its fifth year of maximizing Huttig’s supplier dollars in 2011.

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