Lead-Driving Tradeshows

SPX Tradeshow

Fortress Railing Products Tradeshow

Fortress Railing Products Tradeshow

Goldblatt Tools Booth Display

Goldblatt Tools Booth Display

PureWood Booth Display Sketch

PureWood Products Booth Display

ThyssenKrupp Access PCBC Pre-Show and Post-Show Email Campaigns

ThyssenKrupp Access Direct Mail Traffic-Driving Promotion

ThyssenKrupp Access NAEC Direct Mail and VIP Pass

ThyssenKrupp Access PCBC 50+ Handout

ThyssenKrupp Access PCBC 50+ Show Invite

SPX Copper Light Box

ThyssenKrupp Access PCBC In-Booth Product Handout

ThyssenKrupp Access Tradeshow Display Request Program

ThyssenKrupp Access PCBC iPad Kiosk and Graphics

TKA PCBC PR Meeting, Denise Dersin, Editor-In-Chief of Builder Magazine

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ER Marketing has provided full tradeshow support for multiple building product companies from developing campaigns to ensure booth traffic, to creating a full booth experience, to setting up PR meetings with relevant industry contacts, and managing a post-show follow up campaign to all leads to ensure a seamless experience for the customer and maximum ROI for the manufacturer.