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As the national checkoff organization for sorghum producers, the United Sorghum Checkoff Program works to build a viable, innovative marketplace for its growers including efforts to explore market opportunities.


Stay on top of consumer trends and continue to support efforts to expand markets and promote new uses of sorghum. Educate consumers about the benefits of sorghum in an effort to build awareness, familiarity and consideration of sorghum as a consumer food.


Utilize post-launch research, data, industry trends and learnings to drive promotional efforts and develop efficient consumer programs designed to extend consumer reach. Support activity from Whole Grains Council - Sorghum June Grain of the Month and develop a campaign to leverage popular grain bowl recipes that feature sorghum.

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SEO was put into place to harness interest in whole grains, recipes, sorghum and other key grains and leverage activity around the Whole Grains Council promotional reports.

Paid social media included a robust content calendar with ads optimized for clicks, interactive ads optimized for engagement and video ads optimized for views. In addition, social plans included a robust canvas experience and social sharing enticements.

A website remarketing pixel tracked visitors and served additional banner advertising to entice consumers to engage further with the campaign.

A fun and engaging consumer quiz/survey was served to visitors at the secondary landing page to encourage consumer sharing on social platforms.



click-through rate

The first week of the consumer campaign delivered over 387,000 paid impressions and exceeded prior campaign and industry standard measures for click-through rates (CTRs) with a 1.45 CTR and a 1.21 CTR for the targeted audiences. Over 12,000 people have taken a desired action after seeing the ads. In addition, total social engagements have increased by 257.1 percent from prior campaigns with average daily users reaching an all-time high at 3,397 during the first 10 days of the campaign.