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Huttig Building Products, founded in 1885, is a leading domestic distributor of millwork, building products and wood products used in new residential construction and home improvement, remodeling, and repair work.


Considered one of the most comprehensive distributor marketing programs in the industry, The Customer Connections marketing program provides opportunities for manufacturers to market their brand and products down the channel to dealers. For the past 10 years, the Customer Connections marketing program has been the industry-leading source for trends, product and industry news and promotions, and lead generation.

The Customer Connections marketing program targets LBM dealers through a mix of print, direct, fax, advertising, digital, content, event and online vehicles.

Co-branding within the program provides added opportunities to feature partnerships and brand power with top-names in the building industry.


...the industry-leading source for trends, product and industry news and promotions

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Develop campaign elements that provide Huttig and suppliers the opportunity to deliver product information in a compelling way through Customer Connections. Develop flexible, customizable elements to support different types of suppliers, dealers and locations, while maintaining Huttig’s branding and message.


Comprehensive campaign elements were developed with each element utilizing a Huttig branded template with the ability to deliver a specific customized supplier themed message. The consistency of these well-designed templates helped to regularly deliver Huttig’s brand along with supplier messages to a broad audience.

Each email, digital ad, direct mail piece, print ad, newsletter balanced Huttig branding through the use of the designed template with delivery of specific supplier themed messaging.

In addition, custom and curated content was created specifically for a Dealer Digest newsletter to help position Huttig as a thought leader. This content also created a valuable newsletter for supplier product information, driving traffic to the Huttig online library.

...click-through rates were 
consistently above average...



Average Unique Dealer
Digest Open Rate



Average unique open rate 26%

Total views 44%

Total clicks 5%


Average unique views 24.6%

Average clicks to view 10.79%


Average unique views 25%

Average unique clicks 3%


Average impressions 9,671

Average click through rate .3%

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